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How Do I Get Tickets?

1Join us!

There is no catch – membership is free, tickets are free and we will never sell your data.
Be the first to know when new opportunities arise and the more shows you attend, the better the perks!

2Register Your Interest!

Select the session you would like to attend and the number of tickets you need.
Tell us the name and age of your guests and if they have any accessibility requirements.
You can change their details later if you need to.
You’ve not got tickets yet but you are one step closer!

3Hold tight!

If your session is sending out ticket offers you may be able to accept a ticket offer straight away. In all other cases keep an eagle eye on your email inbox (don’t forget to check your spam folder too!). You can always login to your account and check the status of your ticket request as well.

4Accept your ticket offer!

If you receive a ticket offer you will only have 48 hours to accept!

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